23 03 2011

I do have lots of updates to do!

Starting from my lil dearie sunshine milestone reaching to another stage…to her 1st Birthday Big Bash…. etc etc… *depress~

Seriously, i think GOD is giving me a crash course to built me to be a stronger person… Why would i say that?

Well….after settling some issues (which doesnt seems to be able to solve…) my lil sunshine become unwell….fever going up and down and that obviously made us very worried! Lil sunshine never had temp that high!And her cough just gt worst! 😦

The next morning brought her to GP and in the noon to KKH cos the temp wasn’t controlled. Poor hunnie was crying most of the time. Heartpain is the only word i could find to describe my feeling. I cant stop blaming myself for the cause of her like that…… Numerous “if only…” came repeating in my mind! But what done cannot be undone anymore! All i have to do is to PRAY! Thats also the time…. i start feeling unwell!

The next day passed~~~with much torture as i was shivering in pain with fever going up to 39 degree!

Lil sunshine woke up with fever still and cough seems getting worst! She threw up after we force her to drink water….. We decided to seek another GP advise! Surprisingly, she had no fever there but the min she is home…..fever came Gave her medication and observe her…..She threw up so many time cos we force and force and force….. We have no other choices cos sunshine is so stubborn and refuse to drink a single sip of water! I knew that this will bring fear to her but i really have no other alternative choices!

All these days…..I couldnt help it but cry!

Deep in my heart!

GOD if you have to pick someone to torture….


And not my innocent sunshine!

I finally gave in to antibotic! Sunshine cough is bad and its really really bad and her fever temp stuck at 38 degree!

Seek my GP help and we gave her the medication when home….

Today~ The Happiest thing is that…


Cough~ Not the bad already but still phlegmy!

And she is walking and crawling around though a bit slow cos she haven’t been drinking well!


Pray Pray Pray Pray Pray Pray hard that my sunshine fully recover!

A pic of my Lil sunshine days after the idiotic virus!!!




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