30 05 2011

I have alot of stuffs to update! And YES! Alot!

From the day starting from the meet up at Kallang Peek A Boo, to…the cinema @ GV Grand and lots more!

But as usual….my mind went super blank when i am infront of my netbook with this wordpress page on my tab.  I wonder is it becos of my age or my brain, my memories are failing on me? I start to wonder if someone did invent a system to defrag our brain for all the unnecessary stuffs to be probably archive somewhere…hahaha wishful thinking ya!

And recently, there is a few things that happen and its kinda depressing especially when it do involve people whom you genuinely care.  But i am trying to let the matter go and pretend that i dont know anything at all. Like i said before and i am gonna say it again now….

* I choose to keep quiet doesnt mean that i dont know anything..*

For i am also a human and i can feel too….

Hmmm….shall stop my updatings on emotional issues.

Here is a little updates of my lil rascal…

She is now….

walking well although she tend to fall on her bum at times…

say a few more words like….

*paa paa (scare in chinese)



*beat…. etc

Her first molar (left bottom) arrived and now came the top left side.  And this explains why she is so cranky at night! * sigh!

Getting really really very mischievous and i sometimes feel like asking the creator of ANGRY BIRD to create another game call….ANGRY MAMA! hahaha

Oh and she started the nonsenses thing call CHOOSY! And this gave me a terrible time….!!! Which left me cursing and swearing!

I guess i really need to build up my patience patience patience!

Okay la. will try to update more when i can! got to catch some beauty slp else i will be heading back to China really really soon!







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