Human Do Change…

23 08 2011

There tend to be ups and downs in life for every human on earth.  Be it if you are rich or poor, nice looking or ugly, fat or thin….*and the list goes on and on…

Some people become  emotional…..

Some will become stronger….

As for me…. i am in stage of mess. I have too many things in plan and it seems like things are not going according as plan… Is this because i am losing patient in life or my expectations are too high? My mind are almost blank and i cant tell what is right or wrong anymore.

Challengers in life are so great that i don seems to be able to handle anymore.  I need some strength but who can i go to for that?

I feel like screaming out loud….

I feel like crying out loud….

I feel like…….

Reach out for Heavenly Father….

My Heavenly Father…!!! Help!!!!Please………*beg…

Dear Heavenly Father~ Please recuse me from the Satan that drew me away from you…

Please forgive me and give me the strength to face the challenge that you set for me. 

I admit that i have changed….for better or for worst… i really have no idea at all! Probably only GOD knows…

For some close frds, who felt that my attitude is very different from last time…. Please do give me some time to get over things….




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