The Year Of Dragon – 2012

29 01 2012

I simply couldnt remember when is the last time i log in to wordpress.  Well, probably because i m too lazy to switch on my lappy and the Iphone application lag to the max with lots of glitch which leads to unnecessary frustration.

Well, now its the year of the DRAGON… and today ( I mean NOW!) its actually the 6th day of CNY (初六)!

I hereby wish all…whoever reads my blog….

A Happy Chinese Lunar New Year….

With Best Of Health!


The start of the new year wasnt really that smooth as Mom, my sweetlove and myself fall sick. My fever, flu and gastric dragged all the way till the 3rd day of CNY.  But i am glad that i am able to overcome the dreadfulness in life.  And i am sure glad that i am 70% recovered and i am ready to face more challenge in life.

Here some updates on my lil sweetlove who will be turning 2 real real soon! (Wohooo! I cant imagine how time flies!)

I am glad that she is learning very well….although at times she will be showing tantrums but she do behave when she need too….

Sweetlove can recognize more words and of cos speak better too. She impress me most of the time with the new words she learn.

She now can sing…. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Happy Birthday and some other Barney Songs with no help but of cos the pronunciation is not clear for her age.

She love posing and playing with my specs ( no degree of cos!) and i came to realise that she love caps/hats!

She love learning new stuffs…like new songs, new words and not forgetting…..she love to read and snuggle in my arms!!!

She is just so lovely and sweet and i am suffering… cos i am diagnosed with SEPARATION ANXIETY!

In General! Sweetlove is the Love Of My Life! ^.^

Life may seems a little lifeless for me cos i am either at work or home with my sweetlove.  But i am happy to have her around and am able to have some Me Time like now, when she is sleeping with her grandparents and its weekend.

I have to love my life to be happy! And i am sure that i am loving it now~!

Cheers! Gotta catch some sleep soon as i would need to head out to a birthday party later!




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