Radom Thoughts Again…

14 02 2012

As usual, life have been really very challenging for me. 

There are so many ups and downs and its really testing my patiences about life. 

Several good news to share in this blog here…

1) I have already (finally) enrolled sweetlove to a music class and she is doing well after the first lessons. Now as and when i can hear her humming the songs that the teacher taught…. Am also glad that she is learning more from her daily life. Having the capability of counting from 1 to 10 and she is able to tell me words like clock, moon, helment, elephant, lion and the list goes on and on….

2) I left my job and will be heading to another location nearer to my home.  The plus point is… its a 5 days job and that means that i would have more time with sweetlove.  *yippy!

3) I now attend church on Sunday.  And yes! Besthade Community~ All thanks to Esther who never gave up on me…. She is always encouraging me! Listening to all my problems and gave me the prayers needed.  *Thanks dear~* Now i pray to GOD as and when if i can…

Life is really amazing and i would love to blog in everything….

Anyway… i do hope and pray that…. my dear family and friends out there who are feeling down…do confine to GOD….

Okay now… I got to log off now and start packing the necessary. 

Happy Valentines / Friendships Day!






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