Time Doesn’t Wait…. (岁月不留人)- Random Thoughts…

25 02 2012

Was having some short “me” time lately…… And I felt extremely lonely….
Probably bcos I have already lost touched with the world ever since I gave birth to my lil sweet love..Most of my time are dedicated to her whereas the rest of the time are spent either working or sleeping. There is this friend who once joke with me that…the only “me” time I most like,i gonna have is when I m…..errrr “Poo-ing” haha and I couldn’t help but agree to it.

Ever since the day I attended church…. I have been doing a lot of reflection….and I realize that I have been wasting a lot of time..n I kinda feel sad but I have to brace it up in order not to waste even more time. .. Just like the title of my blog….Time Doesn’t Wait….! I should have utilize my time more meaningfully….cos i m sure that if i did that….I won’t b what I m today…

Thus now….despite hoping to sleep more over the weekends… I choose to do what I should do….and I hope that I m not to late to change life to the better…..




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