Embarking A New Life

4 05 2012

Life have been very challenging for me all these while.  But after several obstacles in life… i am finally embarking into a new life, seeing new hopes in life….

People have been trying to hurt me by being unappreciative about things i do and that definitely hurts alot cos of the effort been placed in.  It may not hurt me physically but the emotional one hurts more. 

Neverthless, these are part and parcels of life.  With my slightly stronger faith with GOD, HE gave me hopes in life.  All thanks to my lovely sisters, Esther & Lay Peng who never gave up on me…when i am at my lowst point.  You 2 are the ones who prayed and encourage me to stand up again.  Though i may fall into the trap that satan set up (to be emotional and negative), you ladies pull me up, all you can.  I never thought i can be close to GOD till i met the 2 of you.  *Smile.  Now i make sure that i do, do my prayers everyday… Hope i can improve more! *Smile.

Sweetlove is extremely mischievous lately and i have been losing my temper but will chill off shortly after she smile….  A big girl now… She celebrated her 2nd birthday in her enrichment school with her classmates.  And i am sure she love the company of her friends.  She now suprise us daily with the new words she learn… And she simply knows how to impersonate us and sometimes that the thing that made us blood boil.  haha! But no matter what… she is still my sweetlove….

After so long of struggling in the working society, i finally found a place where they appreciate my effort in the company.  And guess what…I am confirmed in less than a month! I am so delighted to know about it when i received the confirmation letter.  GOD gave me the wisdom to complete my task… THANK YOU GOD. *smile… Heeee and guess what? I gotten myself a S2 le, trading in my HTC Sens… and i realised that i m loving it!!! 🙂

There are just so many many things to post but probably i have to do it at the cozy room of mine and not in the office now…

Wheeeeeeee! Pen off!






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