How Many Of You Really Sit Down And Quietly Observe?

24 06 2012

Ever since i am not a SAHM. i realise, i haven’t been sitting down quietly to observe the things around me.  And this include my lil sweetlove who is already 2 years 4 months.  Everyday, my time seems so packed….Rushing off to work then home and by then i will be so exhausted already (well, probably bcos i am aging! lolz) Weekends are usually reserve for my family. Bringing my lil sweetlove for enrichment classes and walks.  Sunday will be church and lazing cos Monday is approaching….And after some time, i came to realise that, i dont really have some quiet moments with the lil ones.

Today after church and stocking up of lil sweetlove’s daipers. I head home to shower for her cos the weather is horribly humid.  I sat there quietly and observe….. Something flashes back to the time when i am pregnant, her new born and i gasp! OMG! My sweetlove is a big gal now.  She is such a lovely lil princess to me who knows how to pleased me and of cos irritates me to the max.  She is so lovely when she called me “mommy”.  She is sure to be the love of my life.  I cant help but tears… No words could explains the feeling… 🙂

When i am logging in my facebook for my mom to play games, i took a glance at my mom and realised that she aged so much…. And i cant help but feeling upset… I wished i could give her more in life….How i wish i could rewind back my life to start all over again…. I wonder if i would be in a better life stage than now….

There are so many things around us….to observe and appreciate…. And if you dont….once its missing…. It will not be back again….

Trust me!




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