As Life Goes On~

1 10 2012

If Only Life Could Be As Colourful

For the past few weeks, challenges have been pouring onto me and it almost drown me.  But THANK GOD i have U and not forgetting my love ones…who are with me…You all are the one who kept me strong till now…. During the past few weeks , i manage to see more ugly people doing ugly things…. and it is rather disappointed cos these are the ones whom you once regard them as FRIENDS…. Disappointments starts to pour in….Just as i was about to give up…. i decided to pray to GOD for strength and wisdom to face the issue.  GOD eventually answered my prayers one by one… slowly and steadily… *THANK U GOD~ Though the route down the road may be a little tougher but with your wise guidance, i am sure i will be well guided.  For i know that, what i am having now…. is becos GOD has a plan for me in my life…

The most important thing now is to keep a positive thinking and NEVER a negative….

 I shall NOT allow any evil spirit and Satan to override my thinking and affect me in anyway…. Thus i am sharing one very import verse my church have been highlighted…  

Lets pray~




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