Never Before

26 08 2013

I have never felt how i felt this morning before. 

Its 26th August 2013 (Monday), As usual i crawl out of the my bed to take my shower, as i prepare myself to work.  As i am hesitating what to wear to work on a Monday blue morning… i notice that my sweetlove is still lazing in bed.  So i hurried myself to get changed so that i can wake her up. 

As usual, i will wake her up and tell her that i am going off to work soon.  And her usual respond is to give me a hug and a kiss… But this morning, things turn out a little different.  She look extremely moody and sat all alone at the sofa… Her responds to me seems pretty slow and i thought she is still feeling sleepy.  So as usual, i said goodbye to her and head out of the door. As i was putting my slippers in my bag as i am planning to go for my zumba class today…. I heard someone opening the wooden door. So i took a peep.  I notice sweetlove standing there peeping at me.  And she seems like hiding something from me.  So i decided to move forward to ask her if she is okay. I noticed that her eyes were red and seems like she is almost in tears.  At this moment, my heart froze.  Usually if such a thing happens, i would feel extremely vex as i am rushing to work. But this round…. i felt extremely discomfort.  As i ignore the feeling and so i said “goodbye” to her again… Sweetheart, cried! She is crying so hard that my mom had actually rush out of the kitchen to check on her.  Despite all the comfort that my parents tried to give her…. She wouldnt stop.  Till i step back into the house.  And she immediately smile.  Both mommy and myself feel the chill in our spine.  (I have absolutely no idea why are we feeling this way!) This is the ever first time i cried with her. 

I tried asking sweetlove again…and again… and she told me that she is scare…. mommy….bus…. * i saw the fear in her eyes….. *fear…

Is this what we call separation anxiety? My child is an independent girl and i had never experiences such a thing… Or is it bcos of other reasons?? I have been asking myself this question since this morning till now…. Can anyone tell me???




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