New Year With New Plans!

10 02 2014

Flipping through the New Book of 2014, with a New Chapter, New Hope and New Plans. I am determine to remain positive of all my thinking as we approach the Year of The Horse, believing that it will be so so so much better than the year of the Snake.

2014-Year-of-horse-4Today is the 11th day of the Lunar Chinese New Year and i am here updating my blog for this year finally. Though people have been saying that, this year is going to be tough. I am remaining positive with an open heart. I have been feeling very negative for the past years and the rest of year was pretty tough for me. Thus, i am approaching the New Year in a total different mindset this time. So far so good and i am positive that it could be better everyday and hope that my plans, my hope can come true really soon. *patience patience!

Praying that there will be harmony in the family and all of us be blessed with good health!

Hope i am not too late to wish all of you a


HUAT ah!!!!




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