Moving On…

20 06 2014

Just a random thoughts….

Usually when someone is in his or her comfort zone…wouldnt want to move about…! This applies to anything in life… and the most common one is in a JOB! 

Well, just like me…. I am in a firm for 2 years and have been learning the tough way…. Despite getting “curse” (yes! “curse”) i stay on the job faithfully for 2 years….until one fine day…. i realise i couldnt take the “mental and physical torture” that i decided to move on. It was a tough decision especially i master everything the “bang head” way… from zero to something… But as time goes by… the stress level increase to a stage where i have to give it a stop. I prayed very hard for GOD’s direction. And i am blessed enough that GOD pulled me out of that sticky situation fast…..though at that time of time… a day seems like a month… Now i am almost 2 months away from the firm and moving on to a new industry. I am blessed…! Memories do flash back when i browse through photographs and it reminds me of the good old time. But i have to frequently remind myself that… its over… its not easy but i have to do it. 

Since i am so blessed to be given another chance… i have to hold on to the opportunity in life…. isnt it? 




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